Haart Ohligsberger Mosel Riesling GG

Mosel, Germany

Price: 31,32

Price: 41,76 €/L

  • It can be served on its own. It goes well with heavier, continental dishes. For example, with trout and other freshwater fish, baby pork and pork fillets.

  • 10-12 °C

Ohligsberger is a famous old "first site" in Mosel. As early as in 19th century, the wines from this site reached the highest price at wine auctions because the grapes were exceptionally healthy. The site has more wind than average, so the grapes dry quickly after the rain, which is crucial for natural suppression of various molds. Gray and blue slate in the soil at a very steep site rich in quartz, even though inert by nature, allows for faster drainage. A very expressive and delicious wines with enough maturity for high alcohol content, but with exceptionally good acids.