Edi Simčič Kolos Magnum


Price: 191,32

Price: 127,55 €/L

  • With mutton chasseur - mouflon, and with red deer meat. It also goes well with boar and other game meat.

  • 16-18 °C

Kolos is the great Duet Lex. It is, in the words of winemaker Edi Simčič, truly colossal. Perhaps the most interesting feature about Kolos is that it comes from the same sites and in the same proportions as Duet Lex, with two significant differences. Colossus is a "barrel selection", i.e. the winemaker's selection of the best and most successful barrels, but it is produced only in the best years. Therefore, Kolos is a "vintage barrel selection" in the true sense of the word. Deep ruby red color. Intense on the nose, with dark red and black fruits with smoky and spicy notes. Black currant, tobacco, blackberry, smoke and even resin are dominant. The wine is muscular, tannic, strong in character, fills mouth and leaves a lasting flavor. The right choice for fans of intense and luxurious wines.