chocoMe Carré chardonnay


Price: 6,04

Price: 120,80 €/kg

  • This chocolate must be served with aged white wines. We recommend Rizman Nonno, Dvorac Belaj Charonnay Selekcija, Galić Chardonnay, Coronica Gran Malvazija.

White ChocoMe chocolate with cashew nuts, candied lemon peel and bourbon vanilla. A recipe specially created by the ChocoMe experts to make a chocolate that can be served with chardonnay. A combination of citrus, nuts and vanilla goes well with an aged, medium-bodied chardonnay. This chocolate is low in sugar and has the sourness of citrus so as not to cover the aromas of your favorite chardonnay. An aged chardonnay and this chocolate make a nice gift.