Gross Colles Sauvignon Blanc


Price: 25,02

Price: 33,36 €/L

  • If you intend to have this wine with food, you should first enjoy it on its own. We recommend young and medium-aged cheeses, freshwater fish and asparagus specialties.

  • 12 °C

A pleasant surprise from Slovenia; the platinum Decanter award-winning 2015 Gross Colles Sauvignon Blanc. Strongly marked by the terroir, the wine combines unexpected aromas and scents, such as green chili pepper, saltiness and black pepper. Even with all the abundance of wines on the market, this one truly stands out. It has solid acidity that surpasses many of the New World sauvignons and is hardly felt while drinking this wine. If it ages in good conditions, the wine will develop very favorably. We recommend decanting the wine for up to 30 minutes, even if the bottle is opened now at three years old.