Eymann Gonnheimer Riesling

Pfalz, Germany

Price: 10,02

Price: 13,36 €/L

  • The wine will be easily paired with most lighter dishes, but will shine with i.e. veal liver, either grilled or prepared in a white wine sauce.

  • 10-12 °C

Eymann Gonnheimer Riesling comes from Pfalz. After Mosel, Pfalz is one of the most famous regions when it comes to riesling, a variety that today, despite the merits of the Roman colonies, is considered a German variety. Pfalz is located in the southwest of Germany, in an area which is noticeably warmer than Mosel. Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend that local wine lovers try these rieslings. These wines combine the German art of vinification and strict biodynamic standards with our idea of a good body when it comes to white wines. In this sense, Gonnheimer is the winner when it comes to value for money.