Eymann Sonnenberg Riesling

Pfalz, Germany

Price: 29,13

Price: 38,84 €/L

  • With premium, exclusive cheeses, smoke-dried fish etc.

  • 10-12 °C

Sonnenberg is the name of the vineyard where Eymann Sonnenberg Riesling comes from, translated as sunny hill. If you come to the conclusion that both sugars and alcohols are therefore slightly higher and that grape ripeness at harvest was high, you will be right. Sonnenberg is a “single vineyard” wine, an expression of a unique location which is a step further for purebred terroir wines. Sonnenberg does not fall within the predicate scale, it is a true qualitaetswein, trocken, at the upper limit, intended to age. It has very pronounced acidity, so when it is tasted today, in 2019, the sugars are not felt at all. If you choose to archive it, and it certainly deserves to be archived, the impression of sugar will be lost and replaced by an abundance of tertiary aromas.