CUJ Malvazija

Istria and Primorje, Croatia

Price: 10,57

Price: 14,09 €/L

  • As an aperitif or with a light fish dishes, clam buzara (stew).

  • 10-12 °C

It is made by blending three malvasias from different types of soil and different sites. These are the long-known sites of northwestern Istria which start at the southern slopes of the Buje area, slightly touch the area of Brtonigla and descend to the red soil of the Umag coast. White soil from the position of Sv. Lucija near Buje gives softness and harmony, the red soil of the Vela Boška region near Umag gives the wine its intensity and strength, reflecting the character of the winegrower, while the black soil of Bomarchese gives malvasia its fullness and texture. By blending the chromatism of these malvasias, MALVAZIA CUJ gets a floral-fruity fragrance with an emphasis on white flowers and citrus flowers, a delicate and harmonious flavor rich in minerals soaked by the vine roots from the white soil flysch and mineral red soil.