Eymann Toreye Pinot Noir

Pfalz, Germany

Price: 18,38

Price: 24,51 €/L

  • It goes well with a wide variety of dishes, from tuna, sarda or swordfish steaks, lighter and darker meat to mushrooms, pasta with truffles, etc.

  • 15-18 °C

One of the biggest wine and trading houses in the world, Berry Bros. & Rudd, has included Eymann wines in its portfolio. It is understandable that the biggest wine and trading house in Croatia would appreciate such a recommendation. Eymann Spatburgunder Toreye comes from the Mandelgarten vineyard in Sonnenberg, Pfalz, where the legendary Dijon clone of pinot noir was planted. Hand-picked and traditionally fermented on its own yeasts, it matured only in used barrels, most of them “tonneau” barrels, so the oak is very restrained in the aroma. Developed and complex, perfectly balanced, this wine demonstrates why the Dijon pinot noir is so esteemed.