Del Professore Vermouth Rosso

Piemonte, Italy

Price: 165,50 kn

Del Professore Vermouth di Torino Rosso embodies the most authentic Piedmontese tradition and is crafted from Nebbiolo wine. Ageing for several months in wood barrels for periods, which vary from season to season, creates a harmonious flavor balance and an unmistakable bouquet. The warm, enveloping woody aromas, both balsamic and mentholated, are reminiscent of those herbal mixtures of yesteryear with absinthe, bitter orange, Alpine mint, clove and other notes of spice. Soft and palate-filling thanks to its perfect alcohol and sugar balance, it reveals a pleasantly bitter and rounded rhubarb and gentian finish.

Cocktail suggestion: Americano Del Professore

4 cl Vermouth Rosso Del Professore, 2 cl Bitter Del Professore, ice-cold soda at taste.

Serve in an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice, mix and garnish with lemon and orange zest.