Domaine Belleville Rully 1er Cru la Fosse

Burgundy, France

Price: 46,32

Price: 61,76 €/L

  • Whatever you decide to pair with this wine, be sure to try it yourself before or after the meal. We had the opportunity to taste it with calf cheeks, which we recommend without hesitation. Also with gastronomic pâtés, veal dishes, baked mussels, white, stewed fish.

  • 10-12 °C

La Fosse means a ditch that describes the location of the vineyard from which Domaine Belleville Rully La Fosse 1er Cru wine is made. The ditch originated from the Thalie River in a natural way and provides the constantly slightly moist clay and limestone by which Rully is widely known. A quarter of the barrels are new to each harvest, and 30-year-old vines are still pruned, as are leaves and young bunches to control both the lushness of the canopy and the yield. A year in wood and a year in glass before sunrise is enough time for a quarter of new oak to wane. The wine is crystal clear and clear, yellow with gray highlights. Aromas of fresh, young fruit laced with a soft lactic acid base spiced with hazelnuts, light caramel and butter.

Wine is expected to rise in the next five years.