Burgundy, France

Price: 112,57 848,16 kn

Price: 150,09 €/L (19,92 kn/L)

  • I had the opportunity to taste this wine with curry chicken as recommended by the manufacturer. This is where the strength of the wine manifests, which makes you unaware of the softness and the blend is really nice. My choice, however, would be better recipes of veal and young red meat and fois gras and crabs.

  • 12 °C

Clos St. Jean belonged to the Benedictine Women's Order and the Abbey of St. John the Great, founded in 589 by Queen Brunhilda at Autun. The soil is of extremely complex composition - marl rich in lime, yellow and red clay, pebbles and limestone gravel. It looks golden and radiant. The smell is so strikingly different and its own ... The smell of cypress, lime trees, mint, ferns and green vegetation. Minerals are more obvious in the mouth, the wood is restrained despite a year and a half of aging. Silky soft in the mouth, the fullness is in the form of a pulp of bony fruit. He is considered by many to be undervalued so it is a real opportunity to acquire.

It has 10 years of development ahead.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn