Belvedere Ruby Tonic Gift set


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Price: 408,57 kn/L (54,23 €/L)

Belvedere vodka 0,7l + 2x Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic 0,5l

Belvedere vodka and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic together make the perfect mix with the warm spring sun. Put 3 ice cubes in a glass, add 50ml of Belvedere vodka, pour over Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, squeeze one slice of grapefruit, stir and enjoy your cocktail.

Unlike many neutral vodka styles, Belvedere has a subtle complexity and a sweetness that gives it a distinct personality. At first smell, you may feel a subconscious impression of a mixture of vanilla and soft cream; the palate is full and rounded by a light velvety texture with the addition of white pepper and spices, hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream. It ends in a warm, clean smoothness, the taste of rye bread and toasted nuts.

Tthe Mediterranean variant of Fever Tree. Aromas of thyme and citrus rounded with some rosemary combined with quinine of the original fever trees planted long ago in Congo. The aromas are not accentuated and will not disturb mixers and cocktails in which the tonic is added. It is best mixed with vodka in order to give it a new dimension.

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