Dom PĂ©rignon P2 2002

Champagne, France

Price: 2.718,50 kn
  • With famous fish recipes; Halibut Brochettes Provencale, fish leaf Meuniere, tartin with sardines and piquillo peppers, salmon rillette. With salted fish and salted meat.

  • 10 °C

Plénitude 2 is the second life of Dom Pérignon. After almost 15 years of slow transformation in basements, it continues to grow through all dimensions - wider, deeper, longer, more intense with extended longevity. Its complexity begins with a warm, golden, radiant, eastern exotic: crystallized fruits, frangipane, sweet spices, fresh coriander. On the first nose, saffron is grayer and saltier, the noise slowly becomes complex, and then more restrained, more mysterious, clean and soothing. The developed maturity of this wine now gives it true and authentic strength; gentle complexity imbued with freshness and minerality, which merge into a light texture. The flavor instantly ignites leaving a bright, expressive, delicate retro-flavor that is alive but sensual and still very fruity. The nose and palate are strikingly similar, and the velvety feeling of the mouth becomes deeper and richer.