Adžić Zweigelt Magnum

Slavonia and Baranja, Croatia

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  • Winery: Adžić
  • Year: 2013.
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Volume: 1,50L
  • It’s an easy match to lamb, pork chop, pork roast, hard cheeses like Grana Padano and boiled beef. It will do very well with better pork recipes like pork filet mignon.

  • 16 °C

Adžić Zweigelt in magnum bottle.

Zweigelt is an Austrian variety that came about as a cross between Blaufrankisch (Frankovka) and St. Laurent. It is a High-Yielding variety and needs to be controlled if quality is expected. Adžić's Zweigelt was macerated for 3-5 days, pressed and fermented in wooden barrels. It is characterized by a dark red ruby color; the scent of currants and berries (closer to blackberries than blackcurrant) and a soft medium body make for an easy drinking red. Annual production does not exceed 4000 liters.