Bibich Pošip P9

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 128,00 kn
  • Winery: Bibich
  • Year: 2015.
  • Alcohol: 12,5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • With richer seafood cuisine, lamps, risottos made of Skradin shells, ham from the mouth of the Neretva, etc.

  • 12 °C

Very honest and rustic pošip made for people who want to enjoy pošip as they know it and for people who want to discover what is the pošip tradition in Dalmatia. The variety is very clear and recognizable, and its typical fullness is even more emphasized here by the influence of a part of autochthonous yeasts. It comes from a fairly old vineyard, so it has already acquired the minerality and complexity that young pošips, who are running after the current popularity of the variety, lack. It is not aromatically accentuated, its aromas are of medium intensity but very persistent and long-lasting.