Belvedere Pure Bow Tie


Price: 295,50 kn
  • Excellent pure or in various cocktails - with fresh and quality additives, and goes well with various smoked fish dishes (such as mackerel and salmon), with caviar, but also some Chinese dishes such as dim sum.

Belvedere Bow Tie gift box with a jigger.

Belvedere vodka is vodka made in harmony with nature - only from the purest Polish rye and purified water using the direct fire distillation process. It does not contain any additional additives, does not contain gluten, has a kosher certificate, and is produced in accordance with all the laws of production of original Polish vodka, which require that nothing be added.

Produced in one of the longest-running Polish distilleries that has been producing vodka since 1910. Belvedere distillers use a six-year-old Polish tradition in the production of this craft vodka, with a special taste and character. Polish rye used to produce Belvedere vodka is a cereal with a special heritage and ancient roots. It is very resistant to large temperature fluctuations and challenging soil. It gives a distinct taste and character, unlike some more neutral grains like wheat or corn. In the production of Belvedere vodka, purified water is used, which enhances the natural taste and character of rye.

The process of distillation by direct fire allows to obtain vodka of incredible depth and complex flavors. The philosophy of the Belvedere brand is that it is natural and simple - the best, so it always advocates simplicity, to drink better and not more.

Well-structured and elegant profile, with traces of almonds, vanilla and white pepper, delicate, sweet taste with a smooth and clean finish. Enticing aromas of vanilla, full and rounded taste with a rich and velvety texture. Light notes of vanilla oscillate between sweetness and spiciness, with traces of white pepper and spices. Nice and balanced finish with notes of almond and Brazil nut.

Prizes: 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge - high recommendation - 90 points.