Riedel Decanter Amadeo Mint


Price: 400,00
  • Producer: Riedel
  • Year: 2019.

Function and aesthetics. It is a view of the world created by modern Riedel. Understandably, the line launched on the company’s anniversary will rest precisely on questioning function and aesthetics. Simple but different, ergonomic and easy to use, it also serves as a reminder that functional items can and should be beautiful. It is intended for one bottle of wine. The package contains one handmade product. It is recommended to wash by hand with the use of means for removing permanent stains from the glass.

Product name: Riedel Decanter Amadeo Mint

Product code: 1756 / 13M

Design: 2019

Height: 35.00 cm

Volume: 15.00 dcl