Belvedere & Moƫt & Chandon Party in style Magnum

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The Magnum Belvedere & MoĆ«t & Chandon gift packĀ with glasses is ideal for any party with friends.

The pack contains:

1 x Belvedere Pure vodka Magnum 1.75l

4 x Belvedere Highball Cup (free)

1 x Moƫt & Chandon Imperial Brut Magnum 1,5l

4 x Moƫt & Chandon Flute glass (free)

Belvedere vodka is vodka made in harmony with nature - only from the purest field rye and purified water using the direct fire distillation process. Well-structured and elegant profile, with traces of almonds, vanilla and white pepper, delicate, sweet taste with a smooth and clean finish. Enticing aromas of vanilla, full and rounded taste with a rich and velvety texture. Light notes of vanilla oscillate between sweetness and spiciness, with traces of white pepper and spices. Nice and balanced finish with notes of almond and Brazil nut.

Moƫt Moƫt & Chandon ImpƩrial Brut champagne, created in 1869 and embodies the unique Moƫt & Chandon style, characterized by intense fruitiness and elegant ripeness. notes of brioche, cereals and fresh nuts. In the mouth there is a rich taste of pear, apple and peach, a lively aroma of citrus and gooseberry, which are harmoniously united by fine champagne bubbles.