Eymann Fuchsmantel Riesling

Pfalz, Germany

Price: 31,59

Price: 42,12 €/L

  • We recommend it with goat cheese or ratatouille with butternut squash. It will pair well also with different dishes from Asian cuisine.

  • 10-12 °C

Fuchsmantel is the name of terraced wineyard, 88 years old, and characterized by barren, light red sandstone soils and the cool climate of the Palatinate Forest. Weingut Eymann Fuchsmantel Riesling is an organic, biodymanic wine. The wine is spontaneously fermented in wooden barrels what makes its an unique representative of its origins. On the nose the wine has subtle citrus notes. On the palate there is the presence of white and some tropical fruit aromas. The wine is well-balanced, with fine acidity and mineral – spicy notes.