Šember Pjenušac Pet Nat Duck

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 91,75 kn 12,18 €

Price: 122,33 kn/L (16,24 €/L)

  • Producer: Šember
  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Ideal as an aperitif or with fruit cakes that are not too sweet. Recommended to consume within a year or two.

  • 8-10 °C

Šember's Pet Nat Duck is a sparkling wine made as a blend of Portugieser and Plavec Žuti  (indigenous variety). Produced by using méthode ancestrale, which technique involves bottling wine partway through its primary fermentation to trap carbon dioxide gas in the bottle.Pet nat sparkling wines present a tendency to return to more natural flavors and aromas and they are a reflection of the terroir from which they come. Pet Nat Duck has characteristic fruity aromas of strawberries, cherries and fruit from the compote, its fresh and crisp, with a light body and low in alcohol (11%).

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn