Dictador Capitulo Uno Sherry Cask 1996


Price: 1.438,50 kn
  • Producer: Dictador
  • Year: 1996.
  • Alcohol: 44%
  • Volume: 0,70L

Dictador Capitulo Uno (engl. Chapter One) is a series of rums matured in American oak and given a finish in different types of casks, including port and sherry.
A limited edition aged under the supervision of Hernan Parra, which testifies to the dedication and hard work to create and capture unique flavour profiles.
On the nose appear a big hit of dry sherry notes, and then a sweetness of vanilla and oak come through. Some new leather notes and light cigar tones work with cinnamon and ginger for a rich nose.
On the palate sweet sherry and red soft fruits combine with a kick of cinnamon spice and an oak dryness for a bold and complex palate that also has cherry stones and hints of earthy patchouli. The finish is sweet with some notes of leather and tobacco.