Bols Coffee


Price: 98,50 kn

Bols Coffee is a rich, dark, deep brown liqueur with the full taste of percolated Colombian coffee beans and just a hint of chocolate and vanilla.  Coffee liqueurs grew in the 1970s and have become widely available in the cocktail world ever since. In the 19th century, Bols began making a Coffee liqueur which had a fashionable name; ‘Huile de Moka’. We continue to create premium liqueurs based on the more than 400-year-old expertise of our master distillers.  Only the best Colombian coffee beans are percolated alongside cacao beans and vanilla to create a full-flavored concentrated liqueur, bringing coffee back to its core with intense flavors.

Espresso Martini
Ingredients: 30ml Bols Coffee, 30ml Bols Vodka, 30ml freshly brewed espresso, 10ml sugar syrup, garnish with coffee beans