Moƫt & Chandon Grand Vintage 2009

Champagne, France

Price: 474,50 kn
  • Complement the brightness of this vintage with delicately flavoured dishes, like foie gras, marinated sardines on toasts or turbot with peach and beurre blanc.

  • 10-12 Ā°C

Founded in 1743, Moƫt & Chandon introduced champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion. From the iconic Moƫt ImpƩrial to the Grand Vintage Collection,each champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate and an elegant maturity. With a bottle of champagne opened every second around the globe, Moƫt & Chandon knows that every second is an experience, and every experience is a #moetmoment to live, share and enjoy.
Every Grand Vintage is a reinvention, an affirmation of know-how,by the Chef de Cave to reveal each vintage's unique character.Ā MoĆ«t Grand Vintage 2009 is made with 50% Pinot Noir, 36 %Chardonnay and 14% Pinot Meunier. Following one of the coldest winters in 15 years, springtime was particularly rainy, but all of these issues were forgotten in mid-July thanks to the consistently sunny weather. The harvest took place during the habitual dates, at beginning on September. In the end, the health of the grapes was exceptionally good, even better than in 2008, with no signs of Botrytis.Following several vintages in which Chardonnay was dominant, Pinot Noir has taken the spotlight in 2009. The wineā€™s controlled power is the very backbone of the vintage and the proportion of Pinot Noir has not been this high since 1996.Ā 
Pale bright yellow with green reflections and a fine, persistent bead.Gentle and comforting, initial nuances of callisson and vanilla gradually expand into darker, toastier notes of grilled sesame seeds, roasted almonds and mocha. Concurrently, hints of juicy, fleshy fruits like peaches and apricots come foward, with floral scent of roses and peonies rounds out an ensemble of radiance and delicacy. The initial impression is welcoming, full-bodied and smooth. The finish is dominated by the power of the Pinot Noir, with notes of honey and mild spices, and nuances of pink grapefruit. Overall, the palate is simultaneously accomplished, generous and airy.