Del Professore Gin à la Madame

Piemonte, Italy

Price: 213,50 kn

Gin Madame embodies the Italian herb tradition. A mixture of herbs and spices such as juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, white turmeric, cinnamon and cassia creates an unusual and surprisingly crisp and intense product. Made from a blend of spirits and infusions, lengthly ageing gives it its characteristic amber hue. Gin Madame's aromas are intensely floral and herby, tempering its powerful juniper berry impact. Pleasantly warm and aromatic to taste, its resiny and flowery notes give it a stylish personality.

Coctail suggestion: GIN MULE  À LA MADAME 


5 cl Gin À la Madame
2 cl fresh lime juice
1 cl sugar syrup
15 cl ginger beer

Shake all the ingredients together apart from the ginger beer. Pour into on ice-filled gloss, odd the ginger beer, and garnish with fresh mint leaves and a wedge of lime.