Hennessy X.O Cognac Holidays by Julien Colombier

Cognac, France

Price: 1.415,50 kn
  • Producer: Hennessy
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 0,70L

    40ml Hennessy X.O 
    1 large Hibiscus and chai tea cube

    To make floral & spice ice cube: add 450ml of boiling water to 1 Hibiscus and 1 chai tea bag in a heat proof container and leave for 5 – 7 minutes. Allow to cool and pour into a large cube ice molds (silicom molds preferred). Allow to freeze 24 hours.
    Place ice cube in glass and pour Hennessy X.O over cube.

Hennessy X.O Holidays an exclusive holiday gift box, dedicated to the 2021 end of year. It includes a customized giftbox, a standard bottle decorated with a customized label and a gold engraved service tray. Designed in collaboration with French artist Julien Colombier. 
The cognac Hennessy X.O. was created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends and introduced a new style of cognac. Hennessy X.O is the Original, the emblematic icon of the House. Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time.
Deep and intense amber color and glimpses of mahogany. Black pepper and wild cocoa, with notes of dried, preserved fruits and delicate spicy edge. Spicy finish.