Šember Pinot Noir Magnum

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Temporarily unavailable
  • Winery: Šember
  • Year: 2017.
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Volume: 1,50L
  • Pinot noir can always be served on its own without food. It goes well with lighter game meat, such as deer and hunting birds, pheasants, quail and wild geese. When it comes to fish, it is best served with red caviar. Also, with white and black truffles.

  • 16 °C

Pinot noir is a very tender and light variety. It has no pronounced tannins, and its aromas most closely resemble lighter red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and cherries. Šember’s pinot noir ages in larger wooden barrels so the aromas of oak are not overly accentuated. Pleasantly fresh and smooth, with the aromas of raspberry, cherry, cloves and vanilla.

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