Voštinić Klasnić Škrlet Natur

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 27,20

Price: 36,27 €/L

  • It will pair well with semi hard sheep's cheese, bruschetta with ricotta, eggplant and walnuts or fatty fish. 

  • 14 °C

Natur is a limited series of wine from the autochthonous Moslavina variety škrlet. Stylistically, it belongs to the orange wines, which means that the grapes fermented on natural wild yeasts, characteristic to a particular vineyard. After fermentation, the wine was placed in new barrique barrels, and buried at 1m depth in clay soil and left to age for about a month. The wine is then filled into special clay bottles, which symbolize the soil, but have also further affect to the taste of wine, which develops in them differently than in a classic glass bottle. The final detail is the fingerprint of the winemaker, immersed in wet clay from the vineyard where the grapes were grown and pressed on the label.
The wine has a clear, golden color. The nose is dominated by aroma of ripe peach and apple, mixed with notes of vanilla. The wine has a good freshness and a clear tannin frame. The finish is long, with additional spicy notes from aging in wood.