X by Glenmorangie

Scotland, United Kingdom

Price: 32,80

Price: 46,86 €/L


    • 50 ml X by Glenmorangie
    • 20 ml Lemon juice
    • 20 ml Elderflower cordial
    • Club soda or sparkling water

    Fill the tall glass with crushed ice. Add X by Glenmorangie, lemon juice and elderflower cordial. Top with club soda or sparkling water to taste. Stir and garnish with a lemon twist.

In search of innovation, Glenmorangie whisky creators, in collaboration with the best bartenders, made the most of their rich experience, unlimited imagination and world class equipment and created this juicy drink as a new way to enjoy single malt. Created by blending whisky form bourbon casks and new, charred ones, Glenmorangie X is intended primarily for mixed drinks. It will enrich each of them with its luscious and delicious aromas, and as its name suggests bring them the “X factor”. Juicy aromas of pear and vanilla, with a note of orange sorbet and chocolate fudge will become an indispensable part of your favorite mixed drink, on any occasion. With ready made recipes or using your own imagination, discover the world of endless possibilities of simple mixed drinks.