Caves d'Esclans Whispering Angel Salmanazar

Provence, France

Price: 446,25 € 557,80 €

Price: 49,58 €/L

  • Ideal as an aperitif, with fruit tart, summer salads, salmon carpaccio or grilled shrimps.

  • 8-10 °C

One of the most famous Provence rosé, with an enchanting name that seems to whisper you an invitation to taste it. Pale pink in color, subtle and delicate, with a rich flavor profile, extremely dry and with a smooth finish. Made from the highest-quality grapes from Côtes de Provence in France, as a blend of grenache, cinsault and vermentino. With delicate aromas of strawberry, grapefruit and peach. On the palate with fruitiness appears a dose of minerality as well. Complex and gentle at the same time, with medium body and a crisp acidity, and some citrus notes in the finish. Whispering Angel is a premium rosé with which summer lasts all year round.