Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest

Scotland, United Kingdom

Price: 99,00 745,92 kn

Price: 141,43 €/L (18,77 kn/L)

Glenmorangie a Tale of the Forest is Glenmorangie`s first whisky crafted from barely kilned with woodland botanicals. This is Glenmorangie as lush and leafy as the forest itself. This limited edition is a whisky to surround, delight and suprise you, whether you enjoy it deep in a forest or in cocktails at home.
Some years ago, the Master Distiller Dr.Bill Lumsden recalled how ancient Highland whisky makers dried their barely with all kinds of forest fuel. He began experimenting by kilning his barely with many different botanicals. The result was a batch of spirit with rare aromas of pine needles and junipers, laced with wisps of smoke. He then aged it in bourbon casks including many refill casks, chosen to allow the spirit`s flavors to shine.
Capturing the scents, sounds and sights of the forest, the single malt surrounds your senses with aromas of pine, juniper and coriander, laced with wisps of smoke. Then tastes of deep – green eucalyptus, lit by rays of bitter orange, drift to a slow, gently oak finish.
The whisky`s fragrant, wooded depths have inspired illustrator Pomme Chan to dream up her own fantastical forest. Celebrating the whisky`s flavors and botanicals, her artwork is showcased on the whisky`s pack.

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