Riedel Fatto A Mano Performance Pinot Noir Black


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  • Producer: Riedel
  • Packaging: 1 Qty

Riedel Fatto A Mano Performance is a release that is a combination of two very successful Riedel series. It is a combination of artistic craftmanship - Fatto A Mano, with the precision of machine production with the "optic impact" - Performance.

The handmade base and stand are merged with the machine-made bowl with optical effect. In addition to the visual aspect, the later allows for better light passage as well as better wine aeration. With elegant black details the experience of drinking wine from this glass is risen to a whole new level.

The package consists of one dishwasher-safe glass.


Item code: 488400N67

Design: 2019

Volume: 8.30 dcl

Height: 25.0 cm