Arman Franc Teran Barrique Vrijeme je za tvoje vrijeme

Istria and Primorje, Croatia

Price: 175,07

Price: 233,43 €/L

  • We recommend it with venison in forest fruit sauce with Istrian fugues and freshly grated truffles.

  • 16-18 °C

Franc Arman Teran Barrique comes in a special box that can only be unlocked after three months.

Wanting to catch up with the busy lifestyle and the often unfulfilled wine potential, the Arman family with their innovative idea emphasize the importance of patience and time. At the same time, technology and modernism are combined with tradition and history. The wine is locked in a box with a QR code to access the free app. After scanning the code, during three months through 28 messages the application sends the user interesting and educational information about the history of the Arman family, oenology, wine production, and the wine itself. After 90 days, which is the time it takes for the teran to mature, the user also “matures”, and when both are ready, the application sends an unlock code. Good things should not be rushed, so even top wines should be given a chance to mature, to reach their full potential. In the same way, a person should slow down in life. Use every moment, learn every day, and finally enjoy the reward calmly and consciously.

This time the reward is the top quality teran of the Franc Arman winery. Ruby red color, noble aromas and ripe taste with recognizable characteristics of forest fruits and mild notes of vanilla. Each glass is full of flavors and aromas of the Istrian terroir. The hard work of human hands and love for winemaking are woven into every drop of this wine.

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