1244 Islands Gin


Price: 46,50

Price: 66,43 €/L

  • Producer: Gin 1244
  • Alcohol: 44,21%
  • Volume: 0,70L
  • We reccomend it with Fever-Tree Indian or Mediterranean tonic. 

Gin 1244 Islands is a new Croatian gin produced only from the best, local, organic botanicals to ensure the highest quality of taste. Its recipe was carefully designed by master distiller Lavoslav Lutilsky, using exclusively hand-picked berries, spices, plants and fruits that come from Croatian islands and coast. Spices such as oranges from the Neretva area, immortelelle from Pag, lemons from Vis, lavender from Hvar, olive leaves from Brač are just some of the ingredients of this exceptional gin that embodies Mediterranean smells and flavors in a bottle. The nose is dominated by aromas of citrus and Mediterranean herbs, while on the palate among the distinctive taste of Juniper also some fresh notes of citrus can be found, nicely balanced with a slight bitterness in the finish.