Dom PĂ©rignon P2 2004

Champagne, France

Price: 617,80 €

Price: 823,73 €/L

  • The wine is vibrant, a trait that can be revealed by lobster, mole verde and cardamom. A green tomato sorbet will magnify its silky, creamy character.

  • 8-10 °C

Dom PĂ©rignon is always a vintage wine and can only be produced from the grapes of a single year.
After close to 15 years, expansion of energy reaches its peak and Dom Pérignon rises to an apex of essential, radiant vitality in its state of Plénitude. Elevated to new heights, it unfurls across every dimension – wider, deeper, longer, more intense – and gifted further with an extended longevity.
With its remarkable ease and generosity, the 2004 winemaking year stands out in the history of Dom PĂ©rignon. The vines thrived, expressing themselves to the full, with generous harvest of mature grapes.
On the nose, the fruit remains discreet, yet more clearly. Citrusy notes of pink grapefruit and blood oranges gently cede to figs. The additional time on the lees elevates the minerality of the vintage with the sublime maturity that is Dom Pérignon’s signature. Cocoa, mocha, roasted nuts, brioche and honey.
On the palate the vine balances on the edge with immediacy and surprise, evolving between tension and weightlessness. It has an extreme, tactile precision, deep and sculptural. The sensations come together in a persistent and elegant finish, underlined by sappy, licorice notes.