Eminente Gran Reserva 10 Y.O.


Price: 82,80

Price: 118,29 €/L

  • Producer: Eminente
  • Alcohol: 43,5%
  • Volume: 0,70L
  • Serve neat or over a large cube of ice. 

Eminente Gran Reserva Edition N°1 is a 10 year old Cuban rum with a three-month finish in French oak barrels. This type of finish brings woody and floral notes, such as orange blossom or sandalwood. This first edition of Gran Reserva is crafted from aguardientes aged in unusual conditions: in a dry cellar, where the water evaporates faster than the alcohol. This process explains the final alcohol content of 43,5% ABV for Eminente Gran Reserva Edition N°1, which is higher than average for a Cuban rum.
With a bright mahogany colour and red hues, Gran Reserva is intense, elegant and complex on the nose. The initial aroma of freshly roasted coffee, red fruits and flowers gives way to a touch of honey and vanilla with a nice almost minty freshness. In the mouth, well-balanced and deep with a fruity profile and notes of sandalwood, hazelnut and allspice. The finish is silky, persistent, and sweet with the spicy character of Sichuan pepper, with impressions of caramel, pine sap and saffron.