Villa Sandi Rive di San Pietro Extra Brut

Veneto, Italy

Price: 13,80

Price: 18,40 €/L

  • Due to its dryness and lower amount of sugar, it pairs ideally with variety of dishes, especially different seashell dishes or grilled fish.

  • 6-8 C °C

Villa Sandi Rive di San Pietro Extra Brut is not a classical type of prosecco due to its lower level of residual sugar, which marks Extra brut label (0 – 5 g of residual sugar per liter). Thanks to its dryness and low sugar it is recommended to consume it during meals with main courses. It is made out of a 100% glera grape variety. Grapes for its production come from Rive area (narrow part of Valdobbiadene region which includes 48 vinyards) precisely from a little hamlet San Pietro di Barbozza that is characterized by vinyards located on the hills and  pronounced slopes, which condition only manual grape harvesting.
Rive di San Pietro Extra Brut prosecco adorns a beautiful straw yellow color and tiny, lively bubbles. On the nose dominate fruit aromas like yellow apples, bananas and melons with flower notes of acacia. On the palate it is pleasantly fresh with fruit aromas and long, dry finish.