Batič Pinot gris

Vipavska dolina, Slovenia

Price: 163,50 kn
  • Winery: Batič
  • Year: 2015.
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • The position of pinot gris in biodynamics has already been established and confirmed numerous times. With this particular approach, this variety can have a moderate body, rich aromatic profile and elevated alcohol content. It is, therefore, recommended, as with chardonnay, to serve it with any dish, from lighter cold and warm appetizers to poultry and white meat. It goes especially well with pork and sous vide veal.

  • 12 °C

Medium intense straw color. Beautiful, harmonious scent of overripe citrus blends with the smokiness of the wood, which blends beautifully with the texture. If the bottle is opened at least two hours before serving, herbal flavors come to the front. The taste is pleasantly warm and harmonious. It evokes a wonderful dance of full taste and freshness. The taste is intense and mineral. The warmth of the wine is in harmony with its texture. The typical character of pinot gris is observed. The taste stays in your mouth long after you've had a sip. The grapes were thinned in summer. In mid-September, overripe grapes were hand-picked. The wine fermented for a year using its own yeasts in Slovenian oak barrels. Slovenian barrels are used to obtain more harmony between the wine and the wood structure. The tree that grows near the Batič vineyards is connected to the wine because of the common climate, and the wood structure itself has many similarities to wine. This harmony contributes to the distinctive elegance of the Batič wines. The wine is poured and bottled during a full moon. The aging potential is until 2025. A total of 4,000 bottles have been produced.