Korlat Syrah

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 15,50

Price: 20,67 €/L

  • Winery: Korlat
  • Year: 2019.
  • Alcohol: 14,0%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • It goes perfectly with steak, lamb chops, grilled and smoked meats. Red wines and fish aren’t usually the first choice for this wine, but if you like black risotto with cuttlefish ink, try serving it with this wine. You will be surprised by how well they go together.

  • 18 °C

Syrah, a variety that has been long neglected in vineyards, is now grown with great success in the most important wine-growing regions of the world. Syrah found its almost perfect spot under the sun in the karst of Korlat, proving its exceptional quality. Korlat Syrah has a deep dark red-purple color, with a strong rich texture. Intensely concentrated and flavored with the aromas of ripe berries such as blackberries and black raisins. Strong complexity and personality of the aroma are contributed by the beautifully harmonized aromas of coffee, black chocolate and a discreet aroma of tobacco, which is partly an expression of the aromatic potential and partly a result of careful cultivation of the wine in oak barrels. The wine is lively, warm, balanced, lasting and ripe. The complexity and texture of this wine certainly guarantee future great achievements based on the individuality of the variety and possible successful blendings.