Batič Zaria

Vipavska dolina, Slovenia

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  • Winery: Batič
  • Year: 2010.
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Excellent gastronomic substitute for red wines. Try it with the wildest combinations you can think of.

  • 14-15 °C

Zaria is the blend of love and knowledge of two families - Batič and Nature. The Zaria wine represents the dawn of the old culture of wine. Zaria is a cuvée of seven white varieties - pinella, zelen, ribolla, vitovska, klarnica, muscat and chardonnay. All seven varieties are grown in a single vineyard, which means they are pollinated among themselves. The same procedure is applied at harvesting: all the grape varieties are picked and macerated together to produce a perfect harmony of all seven varieties in the Zaria wine. As the cultivation of land, the maceration also follows the centuries-old principles of the Vipava Valley which were applied until 1950s. The maceration of Zaria with grape skins in open barrels proceeded for 35 days, without the addition of selected yeasts and without temperature control. All the vineyard work and wine pouring is closely linked to the moon phases. Zaria has been shaped by the new moon from the beginning. Therefore, the wine remains bright, young, and profound. It matured in Slovenian oak barrels. After ripening, Zaria was bottled without filtration and cleaning, and is also sulfur-free. The natural lees that has formed preserves and protects the wine. The intense color of Zaria reflects the very low hectare yield in the vineyards, prolonged maceration and the method of wine maturation. Since Zaria has been exposed to the outside temperature throughout its maturation, it is best served at 14-15 °C. It has a completely different taste than 21st century wines. We wanted to revive the classic and the only way of making wine that gives it medicinal properties and evokes joy. Each barrel of Zaria was bottled individually and during an appropriate moon phase.