G&J Tvoja krv i moja 2014

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 196,75 kn
  • Winery: G&J wines
  • Year: 2015.
  • Alcohol: 13.7%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • We recommend this wine with the best, aged cheeses, top quality steaks, especially if you like them medium done.

  • 16-18 °C

Strong, luscious and spicy wine, with a full body and an intense dark color. The taste of tar, game meat, soil and dried fruits such as prunes and figs with a slight freshness of peppers and mint. The middle palate also receives lush blackberry flavors. For such a rich wine, it has fine tannins, while the alcohol is wonderfully balanced. An excellent, delicious and fragrant finish. "This was great - I truly enjoyed it." (Helen Brotheron, Fine Wine Works)