Pepejuh Markus Dingač

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 281,75 kn
  • With red meat, steak tartare, carpaccio and homemade pasta with dark sauces.

  • 16-18 °C

The 2010 vintage is an excellent example. An otherwise bad harvest was consistent and of excellent quality in the Szabo winery, while many winegrowers from the Pelješac Peninsula had a major setback. Perhaps it is interesting that, despite its maturation in Zagreb, it has interpreted the Dingač terroir better and more faithfully than many other wines on the market. The wine has softened to perfection, there isn't too much wood or smokiness, no harsh astringency, no spiciness, and yet again it does not disintegrate or dissolve in the jam-like quality or sweetness as many other overripe wines. It is solid and firm, with clear tannin edges and a phenomenal aftertaste of grape berries and skins of plavac mali. On the nose it is beautifully reminiscent of Portuguese red wines which have a lot in common with our indigenous varieties. Alcohols are not leaning into liqueurness, but their moderate strength only supports the rich texture. A powerful wine with the character of a gentle giant. Excellent. (source: Dobra Hrana).