Perak Graševina 1L

Slavonia and Baranja, Croatia

Price: 29,25 kn
  • Winery: Perak
  • Year: 2018.
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Volume: 1,00L
  • It will enhance the lighter daily cuisine, pork stew, turkey with pancakes, traditional Slavonian recipes like rolls, fish stew etc.

  • 12-14 °C

The most important and the most represented variety in Croatian viticulture and winemaking. It is distinguished by its straw yellow color, pleasant light aromas of apples and ripe citrus with a hint of meadow flowers. Aromas are formed very early, so it is comfortable to drink even fresh. Mr. Perak, a multi-award winning master of producing wines from graševina, and so this everyday wine brings more to the table than expected.