Dom PĂ©rignon Blanc Magnum

Champagne, France

Price: 3.250,50 kn
  • With sushi, sashimi, oysters, salmon caviar and mostly black caviars. Due to the complexity of the taste and the powerful texture, it goes well with white fish like sole, as well as crabs. We recommend raw shellfish salad, a dish that goes well with Dom Perignon on many levels, with vegetable and herbal aroma, umami, acidity, salt, iodine, phosphorus, etc.

  • 8-10 °C

Dom PĂ©rignon Blanc in magnum bottle.

The mostly gloomy and chilly summers in Champagne help the grapes preserve the acidity until the weather becomes warm and sunny, fit for ripening. It was a wise decision to delay the harvest to get better maturity as Dom Perignon scored 98 impressive points and, in the opinion of many experts, stood out from other vintages as the best in the century. However, we know that the century is still young. Perhaps the best Dom is yet to come, and we also know that the competition is fierce, which makes this an even bigger success. At first, it seems modest, almost ascetic, until it opens in the glass and shows the absolute authority of the classic champagne. Smoke and white flowers, autolytic. Preserved acidity appears in the unusual aromas of anise and dried mint - ethereal character, vegetable and herbal aroma.