Dom Pérignon P2 1998

Champagne, France

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  • Producer: Dom Pérignon
  • Year: 1998.
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Top quality cheeses, high cuisine, signature dishes, raw mussels, the best caviar, oysters.

  • 10 °C

Plentitude means abundance. It is the term by which the most famous champagne house in the world is. Dom Perignon, replaced the Oenotheque series of champagnes that hold the best of the best in this house. Dom Perignon only produces vintage champagnes, so they only come out in those years when the conditions are good enough to make one-vintage champagne. These best years can last a long time and with proper aging they develop additional values that they do not have as young sparkling wines - complexity, aromas, harmony. A good harvest first comes on the market after 7-10 years. If it is among the better years, the second quantity of houses will be let out in about 15 years - this P2 came out in 2013. Finally, the third exit is after 25-30 years. These are by all means exceptional series of sparkling wines. Something best that comes from the champagne valley.