Ruinart R Brut Magnum Gift Box

Champagne, France

Temporarily unavailable
  • Producer: Ruinart
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Volume: 1,50L
  • Fresh shellfish, cold appetizers, wild poultry spreads, caviar (best if it is red), smoked beef tongue cold cuts. Fried Jacob's scallops, fried sole fish, etc.

  • 8-10 °C

R de Ruinart in a magnum bottle packed in a gift box.

R de Ruinart is a fine wine, with notes of white fruit, very pleasant and soft on the palate. A champagne for any occasion. Golden yellow with a beautiful glow and very fine sparkling. Very delicate, fresh and fruity scents of good intensity. Harmonious and lively, well-balanced full-bodied wine. Classic champagne blend of pinot noir, meunier and chardonnay. Freshness and complexity are accentuated despite the fact that the entire batch of wine has undergone malolactic fermentation.