Batič Angel Red Grand Cuvee

Vipavska dolina, Slovenia

Price: 40,20

Price: 53,60 €/L

  • Winery: Batič
  • Year: 2019.
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Even though it is elegant, this is a great wine with excellent texture. All game meat dishes (boar, deer, bear) will go well with this wine. When it comes to pasta, it goes better with heavier dishes; pasta with white truffles, or noble blue mold cheeses.

  • 15-18 °C

Angel Red is an excellent harmony of three world-famous varieties; the merlot gives it fullness, the cabernet sauvignon gives it the aroma, and the cabernet franc gives it an elegant roundness. It is intense ruby red in color, with purple reflections and pronounced wine legs on the glass. This wine is made only in the best years, from the grapes originating from the winemaker's finest vineyards.