Bibich Brut sparkling wine

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 35,00

Price: 46,67 €/L

  • Producer: Bibich
  • Alcohol: 12.3%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Don’t miss the exceptional experience of trying this sparkling wine with oysters or tuna carpaccio. You can, of course, enjoy it on its own as well.

  • 6-10 °C

Many speculate that the name debit used to mean that this wine could serve as a payment for a debt. It would be convenient to make a joke and flip the meaning to say that debit is indebted by the Bibich sparkling wine. Bibich Brut is probably the most ambitious project so far when it comes to this variety. The wine was made with a lot of dedication and aged for a champagne minimum of 36 months. The grapes were harvested very early. The acidity is very good, and it is also well preserved after the second fermentation as dosage wasn’t added. The fruitiness was balanced by the sweetness of the yeast, and the taste of acidity was extended.