Rizman Pošip

Dalmatia, Croatia

Temporarily unavailable
  • Lighter Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarian dishes, primavera dishes, Italian pasta, etc. We recommend chicken liver in wine, with yogurt, dill and garlic sauce. While preparing food, use the same wine you will serve.

  • 10-14 °C

Rizman Pošip is a fresher edition of this important Dalmatian variety, originally from the island of Korčula. It gives us great satisfaction that this variety is still on the rise. Pošip has spread to other islands and mainland throughout the South and Central Dalmatia. Even when vinified with the intention of getting a fresher style, pošip is always somewhat fuller and richer in the mouth than most other white varieties. So far, it has had successful sweet, fresh and aged editions, with and without yeasts. Pošip Rizman is closer to the rustic, traditional pošip, which is commendable. This variety is not suitable for aperitif wines and should not be used for such purposes.

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