Rizman Rusula Rosé

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 12,32

Price: 16,43 €/L

  • A very good aperitif, it can be served on its own after meals, and will also accompany salmon dishes, squash and tempura dishes. If you get the chance, try this rosé with sea urchins.

  • 10-12 °C

Rusula is a plavac mali rosé, a variety known for its high tannins, fullness and dark dried fruit. It is a real surprise, therefore, when you try a rosé made of this variety whose aromas are primarily reminiscent of cherries and raspberries, imbued with delicate, floral aromas. Rusula is simple, delicate and attractive. If well-chilled, it can accompany you on warm summer nights at any occasion.