Tomić Opolo Nobile rosé

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 12,32

Price: 16,43 €/L

  • Winery: Tomić
  • Year: 2019.
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • With appetizers, lighter and less spicy dishes.

  • 10-12 °C

A rosé made from the plavac mali variety, produced using the classic pouring method after six hours. Bright red in color, an accentuated fruity scent that develops into ripe fruit throughout the year. The taste is fresh, moderately acidic, smooth. In terms of style, it is closer to the Provencal type of rosé. It is on the verge between dry and semi-dry, therefore it is slightly more rounded than the usual rosé. Dominant aromas of red fruits, strawberries and raspberries, accompanied by floral scents.